TROVE is an arts organisation that uses Birmingham city as its gallery space. Often happening in unused spaces, in the back of vans or in gardens, TROVE brings to Birmingham some of the best emerging art talent from across the world as well as representing some local emerging Birmingham artists. Curator Charlie Levine sees this project responding to the themes of process and collaboration with many of the artists producing work specifically for TROVE and responsively to the sites their exhibitions will take place.

Along with writer/critic Naomi Gall and artist David Miller, TROVE seeks to deliver critically engaged art exhibition and events that happen for one day only; some only lasting a matter of hours. The short lived exhibition intends to build upon the Birmingham art audience and encourage people to attend the shows all together, thus extending local networks and making the projects have a "miss it, miss out" sensibility; the projects continuing post exhibition day through documentation, hear say and reviews only.

TROVE, like its name suggests, is about seeking out treasure, about feeling part of a journey and part of the team. TROVE intends to encourage conversation and debate and bring some amazing new artists into the region as well as collaborate with other artists/organisations and commission new works.

TROVEs 2009 programme includes: a.a.s., Sam Smith, Jo Gare and Zoe Williams, with 2010 seeing a large group show in the new year led by Hayley Lock, with exhibitions by Kate Mitchell and Annabel Dover.